Google Summer of Code: Week 1

This week was all about designing the static template for the project in VR. As displayed in the mockup of the environment, I have created 4 panes namely: surgery, vitals, radiography and chats.

Each of this pane has a custom component designed in blender the actual processing will be handled through code i.e. the materials will be changed on execution as and when they arrive.

The UI buttons are pending as aligning the unity canvas for 2D UI elements is a difficult task and would take some time. Additionally, the UI canvas fails to render in  action based XR rig using the world space camera, anchoring the canvas element to the main camera of the rig solves the issues temporarily.

On a second note, UI based canvas elements could be eliminated for a control system based of a 3D interactor system.

That's all for this week!


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