Google Summer of Code: Week 9

Video Server OpenCV pipeline for both segmentation and object detection was completed. The Mock HMD VR designed using Unity XR refers to a remote location on the server for getting video output.

Apart from the server design. documentation was completed for WebXR approach. For UnityXR based method few sections of documentation is still pending. For loading model for inference in OpenCV pipeline Frozen_Graph approach is used.

The video server generates close to 5200 images from a Video of length 3 minutes and 29 seconds. The number of images generated depends on the frame rate used. The frame rate has to be optimally adjusted according to the system configuration.

Similarly, the video output of the program depends on the frame rate selected. The frame rate changes video length.

Sample Model Inference :

That's all for today!!!

Hope you had a great week

Tot ziens

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