Google Summer of Code: Week 5

The main target for this week was POC development. I was successful able to develop a POC with help of HTML5 Canvas and WebXR. The total inference time is about 25 seconds on a Snapdragon 870.

The previous week's model had inherent Frozen-Graph Operations issue because of which is did not perform well when used with a larger dataset.So, I had to re-train the model. The newer performed well.

For Bounding Box generation, I have HTML5 canvas where in I draw the rectangle with the help of context2d. Total time for bounding box drawing and model inference is about 25 seconds for 3 min clip.

The video clip tested contains the images which are part of the segmented images obtained from the kavsir dataset. For joining the images I have used a software called as clideo.

The POC works well on Android phones without any major performance issues.

That's all for today!!!

Hope you had a great week

Au Revoir



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