Community Bonding Period LibreHealth GSoC 2021

Hi My Name is Shivaditya Shivganesh, This is first blog post with regards to Google Summer of Code commonly known as GSoC for the year 2021.

I have been selected for the  Project: Neural network-based object detection of anatomical structures and medical artifacts in Virtual Reality

At present we are in the community bonding phase. Which last for about 15 days the actual coding portion of GSoC starts from 7th of June.

I have started to work on Neural Network model that would be required for the project.

About the Project

In this project we are trying to create a Neural Network model that can. classify the respective classes in the Kvasir dataset and display it in an appropriate VR Display.

The Hyper-Kvasir dataset consists of  images which can be classified into 23 classes.


This blogpost was just for the  community bonding purposes. In the forthcoming weeks I plan to write posts regularly about my progress and the challenges I faced.

Until next time

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